Introducing Math Writer

Welcome to Math Writer and thank you for visiting this page. Math Writer is a rich text web editor for math, utilising the power of MathJax and the featureful TinyMCE text editor. It allows you to enter markdown and math together and aims to be a convenient way to write digital math, particularly for your own websites, with pdf and html export options. It will always be free to use and I welcome suggestions, pull requests and bug reports.

The Power of MathJax

All math is entered and rendered in accordance with MathJax, the popular math rendering engine for the web. This means you can enter math either as AsciiMath or LaTex, however I prefer the former for most cases as it reads better in raw form (ultimately it is a personal preference). In addition, a set of handy keyboard shortcuts are included in this editor to aide with commonly used mathematical symbols.

The Power of TinyMCE

TinyMCE is, by their own admission, the world's most customizable and flexible rich text editor. It provides powerful WYSIWYG functionality and ease of use. By combining TinyMCE with the power of MathJax, I was able to build (what I hope is) a high quality math editor.

Markdown Works!

Basic markdown commands like headers (#, ##, ...), italics (*), bold (**) and lists (*, -, 1., a., etc.) work in this editor. So you can think of it as a Markdown Editor with mathematical input.

Who is the Audience?

I built this editor for myself, but decided it might be worthwhile for others, hence hosting it online. It is most valuable to those who enter a lot of mathematical content for websites (using MathJax), as it exports nicely to HTML and provides a convenient workflow. It is also useful for those looking for a reasonable quality math editor, who are not yet tied in to LaTeX, MS Word or another option. I believe the editor hits the sweetpot of being able to write WYSIWYG formatted rich text, with the power of mathematical input from AsciiMath & LaTeX, with one-click previews of rendered maths.

Suggestions & Pull Requests Welcome!

I would be very happy for others to take this editor and customise it for themselves or morph it into something more. I would love to see AsciiMath become a standard for mathematical input (LaTeX is good too, but I am a big fan of AsciiMath being more readable in raw form), and perhaps this project will help push in that direction.

Get started!

To get started, simply navigate to There is a basic tutorial under the "Read Me" tab. If you like this editor, please do star it on GitHub.

Contact Information

You can e-mail me at [email protected] for any queries, suggestions or just a general chat. Thank you again for your time and I hope you enjoy this editor.